Expensive Female Rapper with $500,000 Per Verse

It’s like when you are talking about those potential extravergant rappers that’s keeping female rap gems burning steady. Over the recent years, female rap battle has been transformed unlike what might’ve been around since 2000s and behind the success then you see female rap machines with different skill.

When you say female rap, what could possibly hit the mind is Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, maybe to those new hip-hop fans. They’ve grown obsession since female rap become more interesting under their coverage.

Nicki Minaj remains untouchable as the wealthiest female rapper who stomping with a whooping updated net Worth of $100 Million rivals using her rap platform. Currently Nicki Minaj charges about $500,000 to get her on a single verse of any sort of songs related to her genre. She’s also the most Earning female rapper.

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