Eminem’s Song “Lose Yourself” Hits One Billion Spotify Streams

This year Eminem has made notable move with record. Shady maintaining his career not only when he drop new album, song or video. But past studio records continue to make way just like Lose Yourself you know over the past has stomp out rivals.

While many out resist to rank Eminem as one of the most toughest rapper, checking out his catolog of classic hits has always been a proven of his signs. Case in point, his lone greatest hits album has been a mainstay on the Billboard charts, having recently locked down four-hundred and ninety-six weeks on the top 200.

So exactly are you not knowing about Eminem who remains one of hip-hop powerhouse from 90’s. His Lose Yourself has been ranked once more as the single achieved One Billion Of Spotify Stream. Not only that, but it also stands as one of the only songs from the 2000s to hit the mark, second only to Jason Mraz’s infectious anthem “I’m Yours.”

Clearly, Eminem’s iconic 8 Mile single has reached insane levels of universality, with its motivational themes resonating across all walks of life. While many would argue that Eminem’s catalog boasts plenty of stronger tracks, it goes without saying that “Lose Yourself” marked a major turning point for the once-titled “King Of Controversy,” a transitional moment that served to bring the parents onto his team. Congratulations to Eminem for pulling this one off — how long before another Slim Shady single surpasses the billion mark?

Eminem Lose Yourself, at least when it comes to classic it doesn’t get anymore classic than Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” Meanwhile seeing the song hit accolades worth it all, of course. The 8 Miles move really done pretty work at Eminem at only for the movie itself. After making history 17 years ago, Eminem surprised Oscars viewers with an unannounced performance of the song on Sunday (Feb. 9). The the song is also here in October with One Billion stream, this is super-great.

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