Drake: Meek Mill Is not a Pretender or Joker

Uhm, we understand how tough that beef was. Milly and Drizzy had beef history, am not talking about Biggie 2Pac beyond misdemeanor but recalling how the Philly rapper and the 6 God rapper faced social awkward after the wake of their beef is also another about hip-hop.

Really, am not mistaking if I say their famous beef started in 2015. But the notorious feud outburst started after Meek Mill claim against Drake. You know he believes Drake don’t write his lyrics (that is a ghostwriter he was talking about) and that was how it all get ignite just overnight.

Drake fired back with not one, but two diss tracks (one of which was nominated for a Grammy. Ouch). Meek responded with a couple songs of his own aimed at the “Degrassi” alum, and what seemed like a never-ending rap beef ensued.

Meek Mill Going Bad Featuring Drake Video

However, Meek Mill and Drake ended their beef Peaceful on stage. Drake brought out Meek Mill to stage and he performed the title track from his 2012 album ‘Dreams And Nightmares‘ as the OVO star rapped along off mic.

Before Drake sign Peace with Meek, the 6 God had already talked about Meek who he thinks if Meek was really serious or if he had made a mistake beefing him. During Drake interview with Rap Rader, he talked about Meek Mill surprise beef.

“Meek’s not a pretender or a joker…. Meek’s really about that. I can tell you first hand. I know he’s made a change in his life but I’ll be the first to tell you Meek’s that guy for real. I wasn’t beefing with no punk. For us to turn that around was a big thing. We both thought an obligation to have eyes on us. All these young kids. We had to turn that around. We know how far it was going, and almost went.”

Meek Mill and Drake beef wasn’t among those beefs moved to 2020. They made peace using song Going Bad, one of the songs on Championship album.

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