Drake Gift Diamond Chain To DJ Khaled Success

DJ Khaled and Drake have each other’s accompany in hip-hop. Not the first time or second we seen them showing incredible skills.

Sure Drake has gotten ton of awards using two tracks he assisted DJ Khaled on, Popstar and Greece am talking about. He shained using those two tracks giving integral to his chart record.

To celebrate those moments he had with We The Best mind DJ Khaled, he then gifted him with diamond owl-shaped chain which Khaled took to Instagram and share.

Comparing the chain, I Popstar video where Drake wore, that is how it looks to what DJ Khaled celebrated on Instagram as matter of gift from Drake.

“It is always special when we connect. If you watch the Popstar video, Drake is wearing one and I now got one. It’s called brothers. This gift means so much to me, Drake got me a beautiful gift. Fully iced out and it’s so heavy.”

The expensive chain features Drake’s OVO owl mascot which is connected to the Khaled’s We The Best lion head. The main design of the chain is a key. Same this year Drake gifted Tupac with two heads which so expensive.

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