Drake and Travis Scott “SICKO MODE” Producer Confesses

Producer OZ is also amazing beat builder but probably thinks Drake and Travis Scott needs to work a bit harder to get a hit single to streaming platforms.

His instinct might’ve been convinced but that’s totally a rethink he just had lately just after SICKO MODE debuted lower No. on Billboard and also give long recognition to Scott’s Astroworld album.

The song featured Drake, meanwhile Astroworld was also inspired through the Toosie Slide rapper. The song also made OZ to earn his first chart-topping hit with 2018’s “SICKO MODE.” In an interview with Complex, the Grammy nominee revealed that he thought the song was too different to be a hit.

From same perspective of those who don’t so muchly believe Drake and Travis Scott could make a possible No. 1 on Billboard, OZ was also surprise to see the song turn bigger even with multiple No. 1.

“Back when ‘SICKO MODE’ came out, I didn’t even know it was going to be that big, because it’s not a regular single,” OZ recalled. “It has three beats and it’s not a regular single at all, but I’m really happy it worked out. Then, after ‘SICKO MODE’ charted No. 1 on Billboard, I thought, ‘All right, maybe this is my first and last No. 1.’ I was like, ‘Let’s just enjoy the moment.’ I wondered if I was ever going to be able to make another club record like that.”

OZ also noted how they’re struggling to making the song standout after realizing there’s two powerhouse hip-hop rappers trying to make hit, and him, Hit-Boy, Rogét Chahayed, CuBeatz, and Tay Keith were all ready to do the studio work.

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