Drake and Kendrick Lamar are Top Generation Artists

Watching Kendrick Lamar from his own perspective, his career has grown to level of comparing his potential lyrics to our most predecessors hip-hop talents like 2pac, Biggie and more of historical rap-stars in past generation.

Just like Eminem said, 2pac is the most greatest song writer of all generation and without disputing his opinion, Kendrick Lamar’s props to late Pac remains untouchable. He did recognize the California Love at the same time praising him along with Eminem.

As hip-hop continue to generate generations under its coverage, Drake and Kendrick Lamar arguably the mostly popular rappers of this generation with specific accolades.

Drake grown obsession using Billboard showing his super talent as he continues to dominate charts while living with contemporaries of this generation. Describing Drake’s commercial success, he successful had top 10 hits on hot 100 yet about to add more hits to his catalog of album and songs.

The possible difference isn’t hidden although Drake is more of stomping Charts using top hits. Kendrick Lamar remains on stir with past glory traceable through his project, “Black Panther: The Album,” in early 2018, following the Pulitzer-winning LP “Damn.”

Since the inception of this generation, Kendrick Lamar has maintain this top notch lyricist and emcee. His music is all about lyrics. According to a post published late two years ago.

Kendrick Lamar is a deft poet with rhyme schemes that match those of lyrical geniuses like Eminem and Big L.

A good example of Kendrick Lamar lyricist behavior is his song Fear, a song from his recent album DAMN. Having read through Kendrick Lamar rap criteria, K. Dot always forward three rap gems which is lyrics, forward thinking-ness and versatility.

This generation of rap has seen many rappers rooting to break records which Drake keep doing without any other male singer-rapper try to bridge him. Just like Eminem and Kendrick Lamar.

In contrast to them, Kendrick Lamar is one of the better modern rappers. He is good enough to have been acknowledged from Eminem himself and is widely hailed as one of the best rappers of the decade. However, he gets praise for his positive messages, his strong production, and, to be fair, his technical ability. He is a technically sound rapper, and his lyricism is Eminem integral which any new-hip-hop rapper has had.

Eminem once gave reason why Kendrick Lamar is a “Top Tier Lyricist” to this generation. During his discussion on Crook’s Corner Eminem did provide props to Lamar.

“If I’m getting on a track with Kendrick, I can never tell what the fuck he’s gonna do because he’s such a chameleon of styles, and he can fucking do pretty much anything, right?” he told host Kxng Crooked. “And he’s so proficient at it. He’s so good at it that you don’t know what you’re going to get. That to me is like a top-tier lyricist because it’s like you can get your ass kicked any day. Certain rappers get on a certain song and it just depends.”

What do you think about Drake and Kendrick Lamar ?

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