Dr Dre Wins $1B Divorce Case Against Wife

The divorce battle between Dr Dre and wife Nicole Young is now under the producer’s coverage. Dre has scored its major victory after all doc filed against him by Nicole. Dr Dre is no long in position to pay Nicole’s $1.5M per month, just as she demanded.

TMZ confirming how Judge ruled in favour of Dre, reported the bill is no longer meant for Dr Dre. He is not going to move on to pay her every day needs, including security, and rejected her request to “accelerate” her request for $5 million to cover her lawyer fees.

The judge reportedly shot down her request in part because she’d already fired the security team Dre was originally funding. But Young’s legal team argued he was too “controlling” and wanted her own security team. While she’s allowed to hire a private firm for protection, it can’t be more than Dre was paying.

As for Nicole Young and her attorney, wants to move a hearing up to discuss legal costs but was denied. The hearing was initially set for January, but her attorneys wanted it moved to this month. Clearly, they didn’t get what they were after.

Meanwhile, Dr Dre who also trapped Nicole Young for embezzlement is still fighting back. Their divorce battle is till on, she never give up source said.

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