DaBaby Ranks His Flow Top 5 In Rap Game

DaBaby find himself on Twitter slam from folks on that platform that didn’t like his rap flow in any way.

If you’re fully a fan of this rapper, DaBaby, then considering his rap flow could be of the things that made you Listen to DaBaby’s rap career. You ought to know if he has one particular style of rapping even else someone on Twitter has described the rapper as a singular flow.

The North Carolina rapper has heard from critics for a while that he only has one rap style. On Saturday morning (Oct. 17), the 2019 XXL Freshman addressed the issue on social media after being prompted by a Twitter user. “Better switch your flow…” the person posted.

“Better switch yo life and quit playing with them pussy ass Pokémon cards,” DaBaby replied. He expounded in follow-up tweets.

“Do y’all squares be forreal?” he posted. “Y’all know dis flow Top 5 hottest in the game right now right? Y’all know this flow got Baby more dollars than instagram followers right?”

Rap flows over the past years has seen rappers, at least top 10 five rap artists with better flows including Tupac, Lil Wayne, Andre 3000, Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, Eminem, Nas, Snoop Dogg, TECH N9ne, Kendrick Lamar which DaBaby not even at the Top 5.

Same this year in September, DaBaby as faced critics about his rap flow. Despite how he has contributed to the rap game, he’s still one of the biggest talent at the moment.

During his Breakfast Club interview, he noted it this way, “As far as switching the flow, I have no problem rapping circles around any one of these n***as. I couldn’t find myself entertaining that. I could joke about it just like I joke about everything else. … I’ll make a conscious album right now, I’ll record the whole s**t today. On some J. Cole vibes. Joyner Lucas. I can get in there too.”

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