DaBaby New Video Shooting Erupts In Gunfire

DaBaby has encountered one of this difficulty while shooting his new video in his home. The rapper was on scene when shots rangs from distance.

While he is not shy to provide fans what has been around him lately, he also has been posting a couple of clips on Instagram were so many people gathering in different styles. In other video he shared, gun shot was released unbeknownst when led many fled for safety purpose.

The result of the gun shot attracted the police sirens, loudly with its signal. Immediately they arrived at the sence where a woman was laying down probably because injury. “They hit the lady, man. They are shootin’ at us and shot a muthafuckin’ lady … she ain’t die on the scene. I hope that lady makes it to the hospital and survives. Bitch ass n-ggas. Police, too, I ain’t trustin’ none of these n-ggas. ”

The caption, which is described as an update, reads, “A woman seemingly got hit at a shoot-out that reportedly occurred at #DaBaby’s video shoot. There is no word on her condition, but she was apparently taken to the hospital according to this witness.”

Reports have show more photos of happened during the video shooting. As for DaBaby, the rapper have not spoken out about this which we hope to update as soon as possible.

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