Birdman License Lil Wayne, Drake and Drake Unlimited Budget

Behind Cash Money and Young Money records maybe there’s something you don’t know as inner workings between Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj then with all been assembled by Cash Money co-founder, Birdman.

Same this year Amahiphop reported Birdman unite the most lucrative Cash Money rappers during his new complex interview. But watching back the whole view then Birdman revealed he has licensed Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Drake Unlimited budget as well Young Thug who wasn’t much in corporation with the record.

Watching Uncle Baby on complex Everyday Struggle which was hosted early February, he states those words that’s not much familiar to most folks. Talking more about three hottest members of Cash Money records. Birdman stretched attention in describing the record label as platform that gave Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj free rein to spend any amount of money they wanted.

According to the New Orleans native, he was first given “an open book” by Universal Music Group executives Doug Morris and Mel Lewinter after Cash Money signed a distribution deal with the label. This allowed Birdman to give his artist an unlimited budget:

When Lucian [Grange] came he gave me a bigger book. So with me having an open book, I gave Wayne an open book. He opened his book for Drake and Nicki and now they’re doing the same thing. I gave Young Thug an open book so he opened his book for other people. What I mean by open book [is] you can spend any amount of money you want… Whatever Nicki want, she do it. However much she want to spend, she spend it. Same thing with Drake, same thing with Wayne. Whatever they want, I never stepped in the way of nothing… I never looked at it as we’re just spending too much money.

Birdman deal with his top notch Cash Money rappers seems everlasting although we ought to know he has been in battle with Lil Wayne just over the past years. In 2018 they made peace, prompting the release of Tha Carter V which Wayne released it’s edition.

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