A Woman Who Wants 50 Cent Back to Joe Biden

50 Cent made new promise to vote for Donald Trump, one of the outspoken government he denounced not even too early but has been over salty condemning Make America Great Again president.

It could possibly be real,’ or a sporadic outburst seeing Fiddy not resisting to cast vote into Joe Biden in Nov. 3 2020, but teamed up squad like Ice Cube, Waka Flocka, Kanye West and more rap supporters under Trump’s coverage.

50 Cent shelved new plan for 2020 election and since it’s all about putting Joe Biden down to stay Donald Trump more relevant between his contestants. Looks like more are worried about 50 decision and his ex- girlfriend isn’t exceptional.

Chelsea Handler, a woman in relationship with 50 Cent but that was totally in 2010. They split, though Chelsea has been very vocal about her dating with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

Been so long they come in contact with each other but Donald Trump and Joe Biden 2020 election just dragged 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler into Twitter section.

Having heard Cent quiting Joe Biden for Donald Trump over high tax, Handler hopped on Twitter and assured 50 Cent of paying his Taxes in hopes that Fif will reconsider who he’s voting for on Election Day (Nov. 3).

50’s taxes will be paid by Chelsea Handler if he changes his mind about voting for Trump for president next month. In an exchange between the former couple on Twitter, Handler responded to her ex’s original tweet supporting Trump. She wrote, “You used to be my favorite ex-boyfriend.”

In typical manner, 50 Cent did leave response to Handler telling not to allow Trump and Biden come in between them.

Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent have shared one of the notorious moment in the past years. She’s more of letting the world know what has been as part of their inner workings when she was dating 50 Cent. Handler is possibly a Joe supporter and wants 50 Cent to come.

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