50 Cent Insist to Pack If Donald Trump Loose

50 Cent is fully a Trump Stan after Joe Biden provoked his wrath of agony. In Da Club rapper has been loyal but one of Donald Trump outspoken bugs, making sure he pulled him off using his own little way.

However, things flipped following Joe Biden high tax in various cities which got Cent to deploy exchange of plan for 2020 election, probably about to favour Donald Trump.

Fiddy took deep survey after seeing on TV screen that showed the top tax rates in California, New Jersey, New York State and New York City for Americans earning more than $400,000 a year, according to the tax plan proposed by the Biden Administration.

50 Cent then urges his fans to vote for Donald Trump irrespective his behavior on Blacks.

His decision to vote for Trump is rare to be predict if the Queen rapper is serious or not and his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler stepped in to pay 50 Cent tax only if change voting for Donald Trump.

But Fiddy couldn’t say ok for Joe Biden, not even lately rather making plans to move into new location, “@arimelber explain 62% to me,” he posed. “I’m packing my bags. Everybody that has money is gonna move,” he respond to to arimelber on Instagram.

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