2Pac Fan Sued Lil Xan For Pulling Gun During Argument

Popular late Tupac still got more notorious back up fans here on earth. While the case of Biggie and Tupac can’t be overemphasized, comparing the California Lover to new-hip-hop isn’t doing pretty good to those West Side minds.

Amahiphop once reported a man was beat down for disrespecting Tupac. Now, new report has surfaced on XXL claiming Lil Xan might be facing lawsuit for pulling gun during Tupac argument between Lax and a man named Anthony Sanchez.

Lil Xan Lawsuit

This is something that happened last year were Anthony asked Lil Xan about Tupac but Lil Xan wasn’t such fan of Pac and this led him to say boring to Anthony.

It all flipped into bitter argument and watching the video you can possibly hear Anthony calling Xan a bitch, repeatedly which made Xan to Pulled Gun though with no shot, just wave it, as XXLMAG told Amahiphop.

TMZ also said aman named Anthony Sanchez has filed a lawsuit against the California-bred rapper after Xan pulled a gun on him outside of a 7-Eleven location in Los Angeles back in June of 2019.

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