50 Cent Moves Way From Dre’s Nicole Young Divorce Battle ?

Is this coming so late, or how could he even dive into someone’s family and start making rounds of headings online. We all know 50 Cent and Dr Dre’s relationship. They are close-knit at least when you talk about Hip-hop. Dr Dre (Andre Young) remains formal boss to 50 Cent meanwhile rare we sees no support from 50 Cent to Dr Dre who has helped careers.

Dr Dre is facing extensive division with his Wife Nicole Young who claimed Dr Dre forced her to sign deal. Young filed divorce arrangement in June 2020 yet again continue press issue against Dr Dre as she previously sought $2M dollars monthly from the hip-hop professional producer, Dr Dre.

She demanded $2M from ex husband but this unbearable to 50 Cent who chimed in using his own little way of supporting Dre. These Bitchs be crazy how do you even ask for $2M a month, as 50 hopped on Dr Dre and Nicole Young marriage battle. 50 Cent shared his reaction on Instagram although recently got clap back from Dr Dre’s daughter whose name is Truly Young.

“Haha… coming from an ugly, washed up, early 2000s rapper who filed for bankruptcy and is only envious of my family’s wealth and lifestyle. Have fun spending the rest of your savings on steroids. F##k you,” the young adult commented.

As you can see, the above comment did not specified an name already we know the direction she is coming from. Truly then head over to her Instagram account and categorically name 50 Cent as one of this busy rapper having interest in her family, below is what she said.

“The blatant misogyny and disrespect by ignorant men that is being shown is absolutely f##king disgusting and vile. Calling my mother, my dad’s wife, a b##ch is unforgivable. You have no respect for me or my siblings and this is extremely evident. 50, your marketing schemes are as low life and disgusting as you are.”

She also proceeded by saying “Using a photo of my parents and I solely to gain attention for yourself exemplifies a lot of the things wrong with the world right now. You disgust me, and I can speak for women of my generation as well. You are furthering the problems. Everyone already knows that you’re a dick, but you just proved it yourself.”

50 Cent, we he did not sound extremely salty but zip up his mouth as a response. Dr dre’s daughter just told me to shut the f##k up. 蘿LOL.” 50 Cent is simply moving away by zipping up his mouth but no one agrees with that emoji.

The divorce status is on back to back as Dr Dre issued Young to return those money took without permission.

50 Cent and Dr Dre relationship can not even be trace from 2020 but other decade ago both moguls have made history collaborations. I also don’t think Truly is be the first to plot adversary between her daddy and thee POWER-creator.

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