50 Cent Bankruptcy Get Tapped

So sorry, nobody even wants to talk about that, but she confidently has taken it back to remind us how the Queen rapper filed bankruptcy over the past years. But the fact is that Fiddy broke no more, love it or loath he is so extravagant.

Everyone, especially his fans couldn’t believe that 50 Cent had filed for bankrupt in 2015. Well he did file for Chapter 11 last five years since his debts escalated ($32.5 million) beyond his assets (24.8million).

Despite his filed, 50 Cent in no way claimed himself as broke rapper. What even surprise everyone after he took bankrupt decision what he later took to Instagram with piles of cash spelling the word ‘broke’ on his Instagram feed, which led critics to wonder if he was taking his situation seriously enough. (The New York Times subsequently reported that he told the court that the money was fake prop money.)

However, 50 Cent in 2016 has cleared his debts even $23.4 million he ordered to pay was paid which is a little under 72% of his total debt, over a period of 5 years. Initially he paid $7.4 million as court revealed in doc. 50 Cent paid an additional $1.3 million in December 2016 along with money he was awarded in a separate lawsuit to square off his debts.

Truly has heard how her family helped 50 shelve out bankruptcy. Well we all know how 50 and Dr Dre relationship has been but 50 Cent with his bad investment is what brought the rapper to limelight and have his chapter eliminated for good.

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