It’s 2020 50 Cent Puts Jay-Z and Roc Nation to Blast

50 Cent talk Jay-Z beef on Lil Wayne Interview

Am still calling out Tekashi 6ix9ine. You know he has been behind recent clash lately or we shouldn’t blame him since that’s part of clout most rappers might be hunting.

The rapper was released from prison following the wake of COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak. Since then he has gotten notoriety with viral gimmicks and attention, using GOOBA song then troll with Nicki Minaj as No. 1 Billboard rapper. You know the story better than me, of course.

The song sparked interest from different people, you know with much beef line attached it then get more recognition even beyond the rainbow colour. While Nicki Minaj slightly shady Meek Mill, Tekashi also unleash his response to haters calling him rat.

Both Meek Mill and more hip-hop tycoons wasn’t poking fun, they didn’t in no way found fondness at Tekashi’s release after his notable snitch to fed stragedy.

Sure 6 9 has expand more feud by calling both Roc Nation Executive rat ? Remember there’s one who might’ve be watching the ducked out. Maybe 50 Cent is also, since his Lil Wayne Young Money Radio interview reflected not only indirectly to Meek Mill but Rick Ross, Jay Z are all dissed out.

From what he said while with Tunechi Interview, “I stay away from silly shit because if you say to me … I’m not gonna say who I’m talking about, right? If you represent prison reform, how did you sign to a correctional officer and you managed by a snitch?” 50 said, alluding to Meek Mill‘s current situation with Ross and Roc Nation. “Help me with this, man!”

Hiphopdx told Amahiphop that The “snitch” in question is Roc Nation’s current CEO Desiree Perez who was formerly a DEA informant and according to the New York Daily News, was arrested in 1994 for possession of 35 kilograms of cocaine. The paper also states that Perez helped the DEA break up drug deals in Puerto Rico and Colombia after wearing a wire to “record her meetings with major cocaine traffickers.”

The bitterness from 50 Cent to fellow rapper started not today, over the past years can be traced through. Rick Ross, Kanye West, Meek Mill Jay Z and more are under his roster of foes. It’s 2020 yet 50 Cent still beefing. From Amahiphop 2020 story, we think the list need to be updated following recent encounter.

50 Cent again against Jay-Z isn’t new. Last year he also put Kanye West and Jay-Z to blast after seeing what he clarified as uncomfortable photo showing Hov and YE at Diddy’s birthday party. The 44-year-old rapper wrote “This is exactly why I ask, who all gonna be there??”. 50 Cent wrote “man this is funny sh*t” as his caption.

50 Cent spilled his Jay-Z beef in 2014 during Shade 45 town hall. He tabled more about his little differences but this days things are growing more bigger. 50 Cent also called out Jay-Z for releasing The Carters album the day after Nas’ record. 50 Cent didn’t appreciate how Jay spotted Everything Is Love, a joint album with Beyonce released the same day Nas released Nasir project.

According to Fiddy, “That was fucked up what they did to Nas,” 50 Cent said in an interview. “That’s fucked up. I know what you did to Nas, Jay.” He added, referring to the pair’s former beef: “This n***a still slapping him without everybody noticing.”

50 Cent and Jay-Z beef officially kick-start in 2003. According to complex, “After 50 broke Billboard records with Get Rich or Die Tryin’, he signed a shoe deal with Reebok. Turned out Hov had his own ‘Bok deal for those S. Carters, so the new homies linked up for this commercial. Don’t think Jigga and 50 were BFFs at the time? Peep the 16-second mark where they even took matching strides together. Or maybe Reebok execs carefully choreographed that corny moment. Dope ad, though—feels like a lot longer than six years ago.”

It’s 2020 both rapper are still beefing so hard. 50 Cent recent Interview with Lil Wayne obviously about Jay-Z, Rick Ross then Meek Mill who has been playing this drama with Tekashi 6ix9ine. What do you think about Fiddy referencing Hov lately ?

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