Biggie Behind Tupac and Jay-Z Beef, Napoleon Explains

You know the beef line between Tupac and Biggie lingers on basis with bicker of sentiments were fans always participate on.

They’re all gone yet history continue throwing unrevealed storyline. Napoleon might’ve kept some understand, what he think bout Jay Z Tupac and what exactly went down between living and died hip-hop moguls.

Tupac dissed Hov ? Owning to specific reason and we all peacefully admitted Notorious Biggie and PAC aren’t duds, both foes till death. The hip-hop game also shared tumultuous group of rap from 90’s best know as West Coast and East Coast and both Biggie and PAC got into beef height, though PAC did blamed Jay-Z over album he Incorporated fellow hip-hop opposition, been Biggie.

Not many understood why beef brawl initiated and why PAC put hands on Jay Z. However, Napoleon’s recent report was little bit of shot at Jay. The outlaw member revealed more insight about Biggie PAC since the Deathrow and Bad Boy records has done harm even to our new Hip-hop.
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Tupac had Biggie as hip-hop inmate feud counterpart and another notable rapper is Jay Z. “A lot of east coast rappers are very subliminal, especially back then they was very subliminal with their attacks on Pac. They wasn’t straight forward,” Napoleon said.
Things about Jay and PAC turned sour following Jay’s album Reasonable Doubt which also featured Biggie on Brooklyn’s Finest. Probably Tupac and the living Billionaire rapper were friends untill he featured Notorious Biggie. Meanwhile Tupac believed Jay-Z turned down West Coast to East Coast.

Brooklyn’s Finest” featuring Biggie Smalls which appeared on Jay-Z’s debut album ‘Reasonable Doubt’. The Dame Dash and Clark Kent produced track, has Biggie Smalls taking aim at Tupac with, “Me and Gutta had two spots / The 2-for-5 dollar hits, the blue tops / Gotta go, Coolio mean it’s gettin’ Too Hot / If Fay’ had twins, she’d probably have two Pacs / Get it? Tu… Pac’s?” Napoleon said.
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Napoleon noted that Jay was showing his support even using video to back up Biggie dissed Tupac. Although responded as his shot also hits at Jay.
“You got a lot of nerve to play me, another gay rapper / Bustin’ caps at Jay Z and still avoid capture / While y’all caught up in the rapture, still after me I’m in Jamaica sippin’ daquiris, no doubt,” this lines appeared on Tupac All Out song.

According to O4L, the song was never released in 1996 when recorded, but rather in 2001 on Tupac’s posthumous album ‘Until The End Of The Time’. What do you think ?

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