Is Jay-Z Quitting Music and Releasing not 2020 Album ?

Is Jay-Z Quitting Music and Releasing not 2020 Album ?
Hov isn't super mogul who build fanbase under the coverage of relentless drop. For the fact we can't grip any sign proving his comeback in 2020, most minds definitely believes Billionaire rapper's retirement is the best idea or probably putting 90% to side ventures than music.

4:44 remains his current album although 4:44 is the thirteenth studio album following no album. It was released in 2017 but since Jay turned huge break and left more wondering if his inner workings unwrapping it's potentials in 2019. It all flipped as matter of no hope. No Jay's 2019 album title, cover and tracklist. Obviously that's actually reminding us his decision in 2003 were he talked about quitting rap and categorically stated The Black Album will be his last album.

According to NYTIMES, Jay-Z seemed to be on top of the world. But then he let slip that he would soon retire from hip-hop. His next album, ''The Black Album,'' would be his last. But Shawn Corey Carter later continue his career with The Blueprint²: The Gift & the Curse.

Jay-Z is one of the anticipated album we hope streaming in 2019 just at the verge. But looks like Shawn has done his best over decades and in recent. DJBooth could be sounding desperate at Jay-Z's great fortunes in hip-hop. Quitting or retiring from Music will only cause series of controversy in between fans after Hov. fully accomplished what made him rap wizardry. Honestly, is there anything left for him to accomplish? The statements have been made, and the records have been broken.

Jay-Z joining 2020 albums is strictly unclear. The rapper has threatened to quit before. He even declared that he would retire after his debut album which was The Black Album. There is not any official prove about Jay-Z hitting 2020 studio and fans as well aren't living in desperation they all believes Jay will surely add more material on Tidal before saying quite which is even strange.

However, hope are fully stick around 2020. This joint project with Jay Electronica has been lingering over some years ago. The joint project is the only album we are expecting since Electronic recent Comment is quiet positive. He was asked about the possibility of possibly doing a joint project with Hov, Electronica replied vaguely, "Possible. Likely." The 42-year-old kept his answer short and sweet in his promise of new music at some point in 2019, but made it clear that Jay had nothing to do with the album's ongoing delay. "Not at all," he wrote. "In fact, there is no delay."

Jay-Z releasing new album in 2020 is under probability and he never mentioned quitting rap rather addicted in keeping low profile since his 2017 album.

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