Dr Dre Earns Top Earning Musician Of Decade With $950 million

Dr Dre adds new fortune to his catalog of success. Dr Dre crowned top earning Producer and musician of the last 10yrs.

Dr has stomp out all the names leading the exciting decade. As 2020 marks full decade which ranges from 2010 till date, Forbes released it’s full list of musicians earning in huge amount but Dr Dre spot atop and comfortable feeling accolades as the top earning musician not in 2019 but of the decade.

Just on Tuesday 24 being today, Forbes shared Dre beatz as most welcomed the decade after earning $950 million which is the highest in the list. Behind $950 M, there are opposite genders like Taylor Swift and Beyonce. Both followed Dr Dre with $825 (Taylor Swift No.2) then Beyonce with $684 which made her secured the third earning musician of the decade.

This could be extremely astonish and might leave one wondering how manage Dr Dre grabbed such since he haven’t released any album. Forbes noted, he hasn’t produced on a No. 1 record since Eminem’s “Crack a Bottle” in 2009. Instead, a majority of Dre’s earnings came from his approximately 20% stake in Beats. The $3 billion Apple acquisition of the company in 2014 certainly didn’t hurt his pockets either.

Forbes also disclosed it’s stragedy which made the list looks more solid to all fans. It’s measured with the following “looking at touring data from Pollstar, music consumption numbers from Nielsen and interviews with managers, agents and many of the stars themselves.”

Forbes decade list also enlist both Drake and more hip-hop moguls but they couldn’t rival with Dr Dre after he scored the grade point under higher measures. Also Drake will also stands this chance to embelish same top earning in 2020. Remember Dr Dre and Kanye West are huddling for joint project or let’s call.

As for Taylor Swift on her part she came in second on the list racking in$825 million. Beyonce came in third with $685 million, U2 in fourth place with $675 million; and Diddy in fifth with $605 million.

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