Eminem’s Will Smith 2000 “Blackface Mask” Gets Lord Jamar Call Out

Eminem's Will Smith 2000 "Blackface Mask" Gets Lord Jamar Call Ou

This isn’t the first time Eminem is being entertained with series of questions from Lord Jamar. Lord Jamar, despite all lash from other hip-hop head quarters, he continue his Eminem infamous beef which turned headline earlier this year.

While folks trigger at Eminem leaked snippet song, siding on Chris Brown Rihanna beat down, Jamar has come up stirring up more controversy after his back to back commentary.

His new call out at Eminem came to light following Eminem’s 2000 trophy. He called out the multiplatinum-selling MC for wearing a Will Smith mask during two pre-recorded videos he made for the 2000 MTV Europe Music Awards.

Jamar took his Slim Shady feud on Thursday and posted two photos of Eminem were he was sitting on a couch. Differentiating the two combined photos, Eminem put on Will Smith Blueface Mask then took it off from while watch the second photo.

From what he shared online, Jamar looks like he percivied racist as his call out at Eminem features some odd which we did figured out. “Hey @eminem please put this in context for me,” he captioned the photo. “I’m trying to understand why you’d be clowning in a BLACKFACE MASK backstage at the MTV AWARDS? You should come on the YANADAMEEN GODCAST so we can discuss this among other things. #weneedanswers.”

Eminem couldn’t show up at the 2000 MTV Europe Music Awards owing to his tour held in United States and the same time the awardMTV Awards was on.

He did apologized on what has been in the gut as of that moment. But he had already pre-recorded his acceptance speeches in case he won of course did and showed up in a video were he accepted the music Award and was were Smith Blackface Mask.

Now Jamar has drag back the past, use advantage on Eminem upon several comment initiated on his comment about Eminem. He has been told why Eminem intentionally wore the make yet that was his best fact.

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