Drake Teases “More Life Growth” Comp. Gives Flowers Across Toronto

Drake Teases “More Life Growth" Comp. Gives Flowers Across Toronto

Anytime he got something up his sleeve, he normally do it under bucky way. The new suprise announcement was spread across Toronto over his newfound company called More Life Growth.

Drake team handed out flowers across Toronto and posted the below logo for an unknown project called More Life Growth Co. A source close to Drake told Pitchfork that more will be announced soon.

Drake in person haven’t talked about the latest development behold to what has been shared from his team, many said the MLG is in partnership with cannabis company. This about More Life Growth unfolding sooner or later since Drake’s comment are expected.

More Life Growth shares little bit name with his 2017 project, More Life. The mysterious company is being promoted by team and Drake already shared short clip featuring a biodome of sorts and has the company’s handle tagged but no more info is provided. The name of course comes from his album-like mixtape released in 2017 which later became a popular catchphrase. Swipe below to see flower photos.

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We haven’t gotten any vital information about the company is all about, but according to source,the More Life Growth Company will be a cannabis themed business. According to Trademark filings for the name, More Life Growth Company will have scope to deal in cannabis products & herbs, medicinal herb extracts, herbal tea, rolling papers, dried plants and more. Of course, merch and apparel has also been included here. Check it out below.

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the North American Marijuana Index, which tracks the leading cannabis stocks in the U.S. and Canada, has fallen more than 52% in the past 12 months due to trouble in dealing with the thriving black market.

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