Tyler The Creator Trade Shot At Eminem Over Music Beats

Tyler The Creator Trade Shot At Eminem Over Music Beats

Rappers are clapping oddly at Eminem. While MGK melting his beef since with Eminem, he never showed up but some rap figures tugging and bugging at Eminem.

Lord Jamar wasn’t the latest beef under Eminem’s foes, so Tyler The Creator who had this notable run-in with the Killshot rapper and previously he reignite or recalls Eminem’s taking aim at him with Fall song. Em used one of his Kamikaze single, Fall to return bad glory to Tyler The Creator who took shot at over Shady XV compilation.

Now Tyler The Creator is going off and on shading Slimy Shady following their aging beef that started on 2014. , The Creator sat down with Rick Rubin for a recent episode of the legendary producer’s podcast, Broken Record. During the conversation, the topic turned to production and the Odd Future alum declared Eminem didn’t exactly have an ear for choosing good beats.

Tyler started on referencing about beat but later hit the point and said Eminem picks some of the worst beat ever. “Some people who hear a smooth beat like, ‘I’ma going fuckin’ yell on it! I’mma do this,’” he starts. “They’re more thinking of saying cool sh*t rather than making a good song … Eminem picked some of the worst beats ever.”

Eminem victimized Tyler The Creator on Fall song. Creator was actually a target and used that song to called him a homophobic slur. Tyler The Creator is using every advantage to slid Em.

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