Eminem's Secret Service Troubleshoot 'Framed' Song Dissing Donald Trump

Eminem and Rihanna, over salty masterminds against Donald Trump. Kamikaze came to streak simply to squeez those not inline with predeccesor Revival album. Many thought Revival wasn't Eminem version of his career and it got series backslash that led Slim Shady spot out Kamikaze under bucky of bars, diss aimed at least few hip-hop peers.

The album in question was released in 2017 (Revival) and Framed served as one of the songs in Revival tracklist. Eminem during BET Awards 2017, secret service conducted queries following his Framed but the agency wouldn't confirmed it.

Report later surfaced online statement the secret service reach out to Eminem but was true with some information. They turned over 40 pages of documents, proving they did speak to Em based on “threatening lyrics” from the song “Framed,” which was featured on Revival. The Secret Service characterized Shady as “exhibiting inappropriate behavior” and mentioned he “threatens protectee” in the song.
Eminem beef Trump

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