Blueface Took Measures On Tekashi 6ix9ine

Blueface Took Measures On Tekashi's Snitching
It never being such soft nigher it continue witness some extensive odd stack. Am talking about Tekashi 6ix9ine and his controversial snitching beef with Hip-Hop community.

Despite Bossie and some other moguls like 50 Cent, Meek Mill, Snoop Dogg and other rap arts. denouncing Tekashi 6ix9ine with related memes and poke, Blueface thinks Tekashi is wrong and he has hopped on 6 9's trending headline which has been percivied since this year.

TMZ had street conversation with Blueface and it was all about Tekashi 9 misdemeanor. He first accelerate, simply took aim at the currently incarcerated Brooklynite and credit his on gangbangs know as School Yard Crip. “Fuck 6ix9ine, School Yard Crip,” he says in the clip. “You come to Cali, I’m gonna have my mans right here lay it down. Crips, street.”

If you already enjoying Tekashi 6ix9ine headlines then you ought to have acknowledged his last ink deal, about 10 Million Dollars signed. Blueface was asked series of questions about the deal yet he ended up loosing it at the rainbow hair self claim snitch rapper.

“He started that way – where you get on the internet and say whatever the fuck and get a reaction,” he says. “He started that way. He got hot that way, I guess. I’m coming for all $10 million on School Yard. He don’t get no passes. We don’t do no snitches out here. No pass.” he said.

From his last advocate to TMZ, Blue added more hint about the deal, said white people are probably enjoying Tekashi's Snitching. Since the deal coming to light, Blueface obviously addressed that while people are support detained rapper and that's why the 10 Million Dollars Deal positive signed. “Shit, them white people don’t care, man,” he says. “They don’t give a damn if he snitched. They don’t live by that. The label, that’s cool for them. That’s more publicity for them.

He adds, “We can rock with it. Anybody in the streets rockin’ with it is not really in the streets. He gonna keep the little white kids though. They probably still gonna fuck with them, but I’m for sure not.”

Blueface is currently working on new album Find The Beat. The album album is slated to Join Amahiphop 2019 October albums.

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