YG's Alleged Assault Victim Squeeze Civil Lawsuit

YG's Alleged Assault Victim Squeeze Civil Lawsuit
There is nothing to worry about again as his alleged charge finally buried. The person who act as the prosecutor loose grip on YG Case  and the rapper is now facing some good moment at least for this particular bugs eating him. The west coast legend freed, as The Blast reported. But Although Naderi’s lawsuit has been dismissed, YG isn’t in the clear just yet. A criminal case stemming from the alleged incident is still pending.

The alleged victim whose real name is Benjamin Naderi, and who also claimed that YG ordered his crew to to attack the fan following an encounter at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in May 2018. The victim added that everything start smoking after the rappers didn't allow him to a photo shot rather he took his crew to get him out.

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Immediately YG entourage then took cover on him but pushing him out as well punching him repeatedly on his Surface. Well the case has been squeezed off since the victim, Naderi seek no further attention on the case.

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