Why Jay-Z Leaves Tekashi 6ix9nie Behind Bars

Why Jay-Z Leaves Tekashi 6ix9nie Behind Bars
Hov, rap power and wizardry who likely hopped on cases about hip-hop and it's culture is seating back and watching 9 turn to full-time Fed agent isn't astonish after government authorities guarantee less sentence if only he could betray the culture (of you know what am talking about).

Tekashi 6ix9ine, the most standalone and standout rapper who is getting ham over the cause of snitching around hip-hop. His critical mountain of charges led rainbow colored 6ix9ine embed extensive wispy to fed and against fellow rap counterparts. Of course FEFE hitmaker furiously hated since his cooperation with Fed taking extensive measures to peers in hip-hop.

Snitchng in hip-hop could attract death penalty (Boosie already noted) because you are widily unwrapping secret sealed as well letting the cat out of the bag. Since Tekashi 6 9 trial kickstart, many vicious reactions and some classic stories from fellow rap contemporaries shared their experience about Tekashi. Although Billionaire rapper is keeping relatively low profile but that signal is not bunch of accolade for 9 to keep riding after we once heard Hov collab. with hort— “A Week Ago.”

The song is one of the Rap Songs About "Snitching". Indirectly Jay-Z got nothing up his sleeve or fixing himself for rapper on trial. I think Jay is not doing something about Tekashi's premature run-in with fed and hip-hop community, right off the bat cause he view it as another bug in the hip-hop culture. 

Jay z and Meek Mill comment on Tekashi 69

Jay-z being a prestige and high profile traditional rapper across the globe, obviously he has done help to some rappers who are had issues with fed and Meek Mill is typical example. Jay-Z haven't deliver any comment following Tekashi brawl with government authorities mainly hip-hop community. Jay-Z always hopped on matters about hip-hop but as for Tekashi 9 that's a different case. Currently, Jay and Meek Mill pledge $50m to free prisoners.

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