Kodak Black Says God Wants To Show Him Something

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Do you really understand Kodak plight ? Kodak mean every work he cough out from his mouth right and this time he just dressed his lil arrogant as something that might come from God ?

Kodak Black has posted on Instagram, same campaigning his commercial name #Freekodakblack.

 “4 Months Ago I Was Jus Facetiming Da Baddest Females On Planet Earth , Na Im Makin Jail Calls Waitin On Mail Call. Ya Sometime I Come Off A Lil Arrogant But You`ll Be Too If You Was Young & Rich Comin Up Out Da Projects , Shiddd I Walked Out A Juvenile Detention Center To Millions Of Dollars #IMAGINEDAT .. On Da Real , Im Feelin Its Sumn God Wanna Show Me Or Want Me To Do Cause Im Steady Going Through Da Same Thing , Hopefully These Lessons Turn To Blessings. I Appreciate Ya`ll Screamin To Me Too LOVE” he said.

Kodak Black was arrested during Rolling Loud set, inflecting more fenlonies on his previously charges. While locked up, the rapper keep of course learning from his loose and wins.

The cause of Kodak Back recent arrest was that he purchased gun illegally from unauthorized source after series warning.

Federal prosecutors have linked Kodak Black to a March shooting incident. On May,  lied on an application to buy guns. One of the weapons linked to the March shooting may have been illegally purchased. We are still waiting to accumulate more deeds on this Kodak Black problem stay tuned.

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However, the Florida, also know as project baby is crying for his name to be freed and many of his fans come in rescue yelling repeatedly #freekodakblack. One of his fans also blame him for his arrogant living and also say he should learn from his lessons, though she later said freekodakblack.

Kodak Black bail out was suspended following charges and the rapper is almost spending this year’s summer in jail.

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