Jennifer Lopez, Join Cardi B & Lizzo Star In Latest “Hustlers” Trailer

Before the official here comes the trailer for Hustlers, bring Cardi B, Lizzo Jennifer Lopez as liked stars. Real full scene has been released but here's tasty, probably clue of what we should expect at the Hustlers core film.

Have you been following up,  then it shouldn't escaped from your mind Hustlers film drops this month 13. Now, we only testing little bit development which includes hiphop divas as mentioned above.

J-Lopez, Cardi step forward and welcome the new dancer, Destiny, played by Constance Wu. Watching Hustlers Trailer, it puts Cardi Money Song on background. It plays gently ? while dancers takes shape.

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Directed by Lorene Scafaria, Hustlers is inspired by a viral New York Magazine article about ex-strippers who turn the table on their Wall Street clients. The movie will also mark Cardi‘s film debut, as she stars as a dancer named Diamond.

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