A$ap Rocky's Lawyer Henrik Olssen Lilja Shot In The Head And Chest

Lawyer Lilja shot photos
A$ap Rocky lawyer has been Victimized by unknown assailant who shot him in the head at the same in the chest in Stockholm. The nature of the incident is being treated as isolated incident following police report.

The extension operation genuinely took place in Stockholm on Friday. Asap Rocky's attorney he legally fought for Rocky during his Sweden street brawl fight and whose real name is Henrik Olssen Lilja had this run-in with unidentified attacker. According to report reaching to Amahiphop, Lilja couldn't set his sights on the victim after the shooter fled off the street over the cause of his action.

Lilja was able to dial up emergency line himself, attracted the police intervention yet the cops only with injuries without giving account over the action. Obviously, the incident made cops hunt bystanders, arrest few people, querying for it all happened.  Some witnesses already said that seen a person attack the lawyer and wrestle him to the ground in a stairwell shortly before he was shot at least twice.

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As said, few people nabbed by the police including restricted senior lawyer who had restriction not to contact the victim being Lilja. Witnesses brifly narrated some features about the incident. Black SUV suspiciously fled the scene in the awake of of the shooting and pursue immediately conducted by the police. As TMZ added, the incident took place just outside an apartment complex where Lilja is believed to reside.

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Complex told Amahiphop Lilja current condition is unknown, as is any possible motivation behind the shooting. It is believed that police have yet to capture the man responsible for the attack. Lilja was replaced by another legal team before Rocky's Stockholm trial started. The lawyer has previously represented the likes of Qiao Jianjun, a wanted fugitive in China who has been accused of embezzling millions.

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