50 Cent Decide “Power” Theme Song Returns This Week

50 Cent Decide "Power" Theme Song Returns This Week

50 continue his altercation with his social media fans about Trey Songz, Joe with POWER Season Theme. Fiddy has posted his response following his series which has been getting some backslash slots.

Last week his fans were desperately hunting to pull out Trey Songz from Big Rich Town THEME. Fans also hated the link up with Songz and then trigger Cent to bring back Big Rich Two, the song which is the first version with 50 Cent and Joe.

While the remix has featured Trey Songz, but didn’t gave electrifing measures like Joe and 50 Cent BRT, fans then demand 50 Cent to bring back the first hit song with Joe as POWER THEME SONG.

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Now Cent, verbally expressing his depressed from his Instagram followers, he posted by saying “My IG has been disabled because I’m tired of ya mouth. I don’t like the shit you been saying to me about the theme song. So I’m gone for the weekend. I’ll change it next week. 🤨 leave me alone fool”. He originally said this last month been 31th.

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50 Cent Complying Bringing Back Original "Power" Theme Song Following Backlash

The co-creator, being the co-led couldn’t let bugs eat him up. He faced series of  backslash. Meanwhile Foofy took to Instagram and emphasis about what has been in the gut. He addressed fans, his desperate POWER lovers and promise to bring back the official theme for the film.

Yeahs “Big Rich Town” Theme is coming back, fully in Season 6 which each and everyone else has been waiting for. Do you all recall that Big Rich Town surfaced this year, just last month ? it was remixed, welcomed Trey Songz as guest appearance.

According to 50 Cent, he is bring the remix back to season 6 of POWER. “Everybody talkin bout Trey Songz,” he said in a video clip. “Trey did that as a favor for me, man. I’m gonna have to put that motherfucker back the way it was [laughs].”

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I tell you what ? Fans isn’t in good spirit with 50 Cent replacing singer Joe to Trey Songz. They keep nagging on Foofy to bring back Joe who was actually the true collaborator to the first version of  Big Rich Town. Trey Songz was fixed in the second version which gets fans furious.

50 Cent, of course caught wind after fans were up in arms following his new development that took out Joe off from POWER series Theme yet again he brought Trey Songz in replace. Fiddy has told his angry birds to chill out.

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So, dose that means we should expect the first version of Big Rich Town feat 50 Cent and Joe ?

50 Cent POWER series 6 episode took off yesterday. The first episode released on 25th and currently appearing on Netflix today been 26th August Monday.

If you would like to listen to the both versions Jeo and Trey Songz, below are they.

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Fans stretched outspoken to POWER co-creator about Trey Songz on the Theme 50 Cent attention found no interest on what the series fans are saying. He don’t even know the big deal or the appeal behind the both versions. Remember Boogie wit Da Hood was feat. On the first version.

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