Trey Songz Comments On “Power” Theme Song Backlash & 50 Cent Intercepts

Trey Songz Comments On "Power" Theme Song Backlash & 50 Cent Intercepts

No letting go but Trey hopped-in to get stuffs off his chest. The second version of POWER Theme is kind of changing it all as it’s been blamed on Trey Songz. Since 50 Cent found fondness on Songz music career, Fiddy thinks that would give his series worthy of uplifting from fans though such idea flipped over after majority detest 50 Cent and Trey Songz new collaboration Big Rich Town.

There’s not wrong as for me but more of POWER fans isn’t icing the removal of Joe who was featured on Big Rich Time on the first version. Meanwhile, they wasn’t finding it funny or poke fun over Trey Songz and 50 Cent’s BRT version and last week fans were up in arms on 50 Cent for tugging Joe out.

Now Trey Songz has his response over recent backlash and 50 Cent Intercept. Just on Twitter, Songs gently comment on same headline that might label him cryptic message from POWER Series fans.

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His post on Instagram is quite funny but i don’t that’s just a retract he’s play since he even called power shit.  “Ima slap the shit outta one of you niggas bout this Power shit,” Trey wrote in the caption.

50 Cent and Trey Songz might be beefing over this ? no NO. 50 Cent change his mind on Trey Songz and warn. “@treysongz im a be mad at you if you catch a case Over a remix now,” he wrote. “they just want to make some kinda fun outta of us on this one.”

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When a fan tried to tell Fiddy to give them what they wanted, he snapped, “CHILL THE FUCK OUT, you don’t tell me what to do fool. The fuck is wrong wit you.”

Trey Songz also shared this feelings following his 50 Cent encounter. “5 they hurting my feelings,” he said. “Ima need a check for my emotional agony and distress.”

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