Little Brother Returns With "May The Lord Watch" Album Stream

Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh hopped in with a new album they just announced yesterday 19th. It was actually a surprise although we have to accept the May The Lord Watch, which serves as the official name.

While Leftback remain the a predecessor to to May The Lord Watch. LeftBack was released on 2010 yet you will stream new album Phonte and Big Pooh has for us.

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They are also known as The Little Brothers and they revealed the reform. Many may have believe both are little bit on separate ways but both parties cleared and iced and swirling with new project.

As for Phonte, he debut EP project Pacific Time (2019) featuring Bosco and Kaytranada. The EP welcomed 4 tracks though streaming little brothers May The Lord Watch below shows the tracks as well.

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Check the tracklist and cover, 15 tracks penned.

Photo cover

1. The Feel
2. A Word From the President
3. Everything
4. Right on Time
5. Black Magic (Make It Better)
6. Life After Blackface
7. Goodmorning Sunshine
8. Dyana Change My Life
9. What I Came For
10. Inside the Producer’s Studio
11. Sittin Alone
12. Picture This
13. Niggas Hollering
14. All in a Day
15. Work Through Me

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