JAY-Z’s NFL Team Ownership In Question Following New CBS Sports Report

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Jay-Z continue battling with his NFL haters. More sight on Hov Partnering with NFL even being able to personalize a new Team ? which flipped everything for the past few days. If Colin found no reason to support Jay, many out thinks there’s some benefit for Jay-Z new enlistment.

Officially, Billionaire rapper is now turning a co-owner of a new NFL team, most of us suggest so but new report has surfaced online to help ice the premature swirling, hovering on behalf of Jay-Z.

Source told Amahiphop (CBS) some hints behind Jay-Z gearing to huddling up to co-led a new NFL team. We have been told Hov isn’t shelving and plan manage and team. Statement from NFL office league put stop to unfiltered rumor from TMZ.

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“TMZ-reported rumor” and there are “no plans in place” an NFL insider disclosed recently. We all know the Hip-Hop vent. has not comment on alleged rumour. While Roc Nation and NFL wonder how people got this trending unreal story about Jay-Z trying to crew new team, both parties, Roc Nation and NFL condemned rumour and promise not of that nature is about to happen ?

It’s possible Hov could acquire part of a team at some point through his work with the league and its owners. But first, he would have to be vetted and approved by membership.

“Those kinds of deals don’t exist in the NFL,” an ownership-level source told CBS Sports. “There is no ownership component to this arrangement.”

Some query Majority keep asking repeatedly are:

Is Jay-Z managing a new NFL team : Not Sure

Jay-Z Partnering with NFL: Already Signed

This Post Is Been Updated: Previously On Amahiphop, Jay-Z Replicates Undisclosed NFL Team From Social Justice Partnership, August 17 2019

Excues me, we all are being such bystanders for the rap wizardry, or have you forgotten Hov is into span with NLF as entertainment social justice. Although not as the Chief strategies like his co-operation with weed company.

Officially, Jay -Z was previously announced as entertainment and social justice partnership with the NFL yet again the Roc Nation boss shelving plans, garnering his own NFL team which hasn’t made laudable awareness though is under undisclosed.

TMZ told Amahiphop, Beyonce husband part owner NFL team. So is this side talk means 50% after we acknowledge the team is unknown but ownership stake will “happen in the near future,” source told us.

Many are asking repeatedly if Jay-Z managing new NLF team ? 

But wait a minute, Jay-Z quite a prestigious business man. Billionaire with a relentless dreams, setting his sight beyond everyone expectation. We aren’t astonish that Jay is a huge fan when it comes to sport freak business.

Meanwhile his cooperation with NFL simply slot him as tumultuous agent probably for NFL. What we really understand is Roc Nation isn’t screwing up but directly gearing up some couple of years partnership with American football league.

Their objective is to enhance the live game experiences and to amplify the league’s social justice efforts,” according to NFL.com.

Roc is ready to provide Smart-work for NFL sport platform. Especially the record lable will be capable of making decisions on artist for the Super Bowl and another authorized ability include major NFL events.

As you see, Jay Z is grinding after his Billionaire fortune sparked this year yet more business is on the way. We appreciate all his striving after been mega-succes on his career. His partnership with NLF is another circle, maybe Jay has played wisely by using his titled social justice to replicate his own undisclosed NFL team.

Justin Tinsley of The Undefeated, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk and Terez Paylor of Yahoo Sports might have given use hints behind all this Jay-Z NFL business.

“When Jay-Z decided to launch a sports agency six years ago, a well-connected league insider explained Jay-Z’s ambition in simple terms: He wants to own a team. “[Wednesday’s] deal with the NFL nudges Jay-Z far closer to that goal, if that indeed is the objective. He now has a formal relationship with the league, giving other owners a chance to get to know him well, naturally allowing the development of a familiarity that most potential owners never have when they show up and try to buy a team.” As Noted by Tinsley and Paylor.

This is all great upon all backbiting they Roc and NLF still readying for 2020 Super Bowl. Leave your Comments.

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