Ja Rule Giving $10K To Fans Who Can Prove 50 Cent Isn't A "Pathological Liar"

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Ja Rule and 50 Cent Infamous social brawl keep reigniting on bases. But wait, looks like Ja is lighting a new development and is all about his longstanding friend who he always clash with.

Since this year, Ja Rule and Young Buck likely are peers, tugging harder and screwing up on 50 Cent. Foofy Freestyle is a typical example, a diss track weigh in after series of trolls from Fiddy yet Buck dropped two Diss songs aimed on fellow G-Unit rapper.

Am not trying to review what has been in the gut although Ja Rule upped with a new hint, oh that's gonna set fans frenzy after the Murder Inc. OG promise to hand over some Dollars, about $10k to anyone who's able to proof Foofy a pathological liar. I guess you all know what this all about.

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Ja Rule perceived nasty aroma from Cent, yeahs he did think 50 is an extensive liar and he is calling him out for claiming that he bought 200 seats to a Ja Rule concert. I don't actually know if this is true but i gave a sneaky peek on 50 Cent earlier this year when he mentioned Two hundred seats ?

Ja Rule then took a step forward on Twitter unwrapping little bit information behind his earlier concert though he called 50 Cent pathological LIAR. “This [clown emoji] 50 Cent is the pathological LIAR,” he tweeted on Tuesday (August 20). I’ll cash app 10 bands to ANYBODY who has pics or footage of said show bozo bought 200 tix to so it could be empty … I’ll wait… y’all believe anything goofy [they] tell y’all.”

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some of other featured Twitter post includes post about Hot 97 for allegedly posting a bunk story. “Goofy ass nigga could NEVER… what’s my motherfucking NAME!!!” he wrote.

The two notable Hip-Hop giants has been ducking it out without final.

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