50 Cent: Young Buck & Lil Nas X to Deliver New Song this Week ?

Young Buck feat Lil Nas X Photos

You see, vicious 50 Cent most time frenzy all all fans. He keep trolling some of misdemeanor artist and Buck is one of his foe whom he has keeping a relentless update on. Since last month Young Buck isn’t dumb though he craft new name to 50 Cent, called him Foofy on his new diss track Foofy Freestyle. After tapping Foofy, he later came back with ‘The Story of Foofy’ which is the second diss track Buck shot on his Boss 50 Cent.

Many keep waiting 50 Cent to respond to Young Buck Diss tracks but looks like he didn’t get his earshot close to those diss songs. Nevertheless, 50 Cent is not giving up on Young since there’s numerous things that’s in common with both parties. Buck one of his debtors keep receiving some vicious social bugs on Foofy.

While Young Buck still can experience wind of Curtis’ statement, in a new post surfaced online lately, the G-Unite rapper upped caption about Lil Nas X who came out with gay during pride month and then enlisted that both Lil Nas X and Young Buck are collaboration this week.

On his post posted on Instagram he appreciate them yet backtrack under trolling format against Buck and he insisted Buck should pay his money by Monday. “Check this out, I’m not making anything up his New hit single OUT OF THE BARN ft little Nas X premiers July 4th,” 50 Cent later added saying, “Buck out the closet, I’m in full support of his decision to embrace
his sexuality publicly and I’m looking forward to being paid my Money by
Monday. This post has been deleted but we have the screenshot below.

out of barn song

Actually 50 Cent social drama keep surprising us, if he he trolling is either he is hyping or serious trying to ice someone. For the fact that Buck and Cent has been on bit serious beef, he’s still concern about his fellow G.

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