Soulja Boy Set to Be Home From Van Nuys Jail While Sweden Withhold A$ap Rocky

A$ap Rocky arrest in sweden
Hip-Hop fans has been on aching feeling since A$ap Rocky acquired street misdemeanor, causing plight and detaining him in Sweden. While Soulja Boy SB still remain arrested predecessor following Rocky, his probation is set to be squeezed off ? although we are not sure if that is a bond format. From new report, Soulja Boy is prepping to get back street with a reason.

SB will be home after only serving about three months of his time given and TMZ officially stated outreach report from  Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department records showing reason why rapper getting early released. "a combination of good behavior, time served and overcrowding."

Meanwhile SB might be out of bars before A$ap Rocky ? maybe Rocky is detained for 2 weeks for further investigation, you read can the full review of A$ap Rocky's arrest here. Both parties
are such a homogeneous.

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