Hip-Hop Review & Stories So Far, Asap Rocky, Meek Mill, Blueface Nicki Minaj and More

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There's been a lot trending online since this year. However we still can give account about most overemphasized topics on hip-hop, shots, tracks, feuds, videos and lot more sparked with vicious appearance from most of our hip-hop duos. Today on Amahiphop we are reviewing those trended and trending news since we have been on relatively press and keeping tabs on some of the news that gets the internet overwhelmed.

At the first place, some of the hip-hop contemporaries has lost their lives yet a lot of threats span in between peers in hip-hop, a drive-by shots with fundamental eerie targeted on artists by foes. It wasn't a better place to live that luxury and extravagant fortunes since few hip-hop profiles are been threatened with drive. Offset, NBA YoungBoy, YG and unfortunately to Nipsey was definitely victimized by assailant who shot him in front of his shop.

Without been told, if you have endeavor on our relentless updates you ought to understand that there's those headlines incorporating most musical divas and rap stars. Meanwhile lets take a bit review on those developments that has ruffled some feathers probably stories stemming from April till date.

Meek Mill Vs Cosmopolitan Hotel Over Racist

Meek was tugged out this year. His run-in with Las Vegas hotel was actually a mess he experienced as the staffs in Cosmopolitan refuse to welcome the rapper. The story exploded after Meek claimed the hotel were perceiving racist on him which led his attorney shelved plans to sue the institute over humiliation on his client. Meek Mill later gets his apology since his attorney was desperately to take down the hotel but they mellow down on the rapper and all was squeezed off. 

50 Cent Family Feud, Diss and Debtors

Yeahs Cent was able to acquire a new name as Foofy. Young Buck pull off on him using diss track to tackle the vicious 50 Cent. He diss 50 Cent two times with his first diss version Foofy Freestyle and later shot on him with ‘The Story of Foofy’. Buck and fellow G-Unit rapper has been beefing over consecutive years yet they keep reigniting their social media feud with cyberbully.

50 Cent also hopped-in on his debtors who he claimed owing his some dollars. The rapper took place and embark on his debtors task, demanding all to pay him his money. Mari at latest a woman who has legally battled with 50 Cent over 30K she owe Foofy. While he keep bugging on his foes like Young Buck and more of his debtors, Cent was previously headline the internet and social media after his coincident with his son Marquise during his show with Snoop Dogg.

Nicki Minaj Megatron & Cardi B Press

Nicki Minaj after keeping relatively low profile and going dumb on social media for some while, she later got attracted by Cardi B latest post captioned Good To Be Savage. Source told Amahiphop that Nicki isn't on radio-silent though she was up to something yet turned active online with Megatron, a post equally sounds savage to her rival although that was her hype for new song. Cardi B was actually ready but she waited till Nicki dropped her Megatron Video and then initiate with her own video Press. Both videos surfaced online the same year and month ? which also top headline for the year.

Blueface Latest Kicked Out

Blueface automatically generated a trending story that flew around social media platform. Just few days back TMZ reported the rapper kicking his mom and sister out from his California home. The news was one of the heavyweight stories in hip-hop genre so far although the family brawl isn't that serious since both mom and Blueface has their respective advocate behind the family altercation.

Asap Rocky Street Fight

Asap Rocky is another hot topic sparking the media right now. The rapper was arrest over street beatdown and after the fight took place the rapper was arrested for breaking off someone headphone.

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