Nas Replicates "The Lost Tapes" into 3 & 4

nas the lost tapes 3 4
Nas got a series, "The Lost Tape" series developing into several albums. Nas was extremely audible over some few weeks, used his Instagram to sent fans into frenzy and the secrete or appeal was that The Lost Tapes II is dropping tomorrow July 19th as he mentioned earlier.

The Lost Tapes is a Ill Will Records and Columbia Records released, on September 23, 2002 but in this recent era Nas giving it a chance to double up which will start on Friday 19th July. While the project was enlisted as most awaiting unreleased albums yet officially coming on streaming in thw next few hours. Nas has even got more unreleased albums, same The Lost Tape being pushed into new compilation in the wake of TLT II.

Is permanently obvious The Lost Tape 3 and 4 has been announced by the illmatic rapper. Wasn't even rare for Nas to reveal the albums during an exclusive listening session this past Tuesday night in New York for The Lost Tapes 2, at the Mass Appeal offices.

Oh The Lost Tapes 3 & 4 is quite a replicate since the featuring tracks are those songs he has recorded past years for his LPs. "piled up a lot of songs since then." He admitedd, "so, I've got enough for a Lost Tapes 2 now, and a Lost Tapes 3 and a Lost Tapes 4, " he said.

Nas next Tapes are simple more of compilation from his unreleased songs. The 90s rapper has been working over a decade old for this very tapes and has push further to get them out. No date for those albums and hopefully there will be more albums in the further but The Lost Tapes III and IV are already on the way.

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