Links Strict took Shot on Folks Calling him a Fraudster

Links Strict
Links Strict isn't giving a single moment to entertain any backslash, although the prestigious upcoming google blogger is vehemently rendering some shot from his Facebook account lately. Not sure if he had a run-in with some social-bulling gangster, admitting the 22yrs blogger is a fraudster.

"Corruption In Nigeria Is Mostly Affectin The Innocent Ones..... som folks kep stalkin with misleadin statement n fundamental misuderstin againt mi base n i was lik shut the fuk up am not a fraudster bitch. Som mtf see me typin on keyboard n they spit thir ass sayin hes a is this huh ? am nt a yahoo boy for crying out loud...... amahiphop blogger n i run mi shit on daily basis ..... talk shit again i put u behind bars u bugs." he said.

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While some of his friends has already supports him, Links Strict a amahiphop CEO who press and send in news here on amahiphop.

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