Lil Nas X Announced His Gay On Twitter with Pride Month

Lil Nas X Gay Photo
Majority of fans keep questioning the exact sexuality he is categorize to. Followers claims some memes on the successful Old Town Road hitmaker, subjected him as one of the powerful gay alive. However, Lil Nas X took to twitter fuel the suspicious claims from most people. We all knew his 7 EP which he debuted this year, just last month and one of his song c7osure has pointed closely about the trending tweet. Lil urges his fans to play the song again to understand some particular line meaning but before you give attention to that, maybe you should peep on his recent post that's hovering and sparking debates.

“Some of y’ all already know, some of y’ all don’t care, some of y’ all not gone fwm no more. but before this month ends i want y’ all to listen closely to c7osure,” he tweeted while adding the rainbow emoji.

Love it or loath it, his supper fans supports the rapper without any despair and despite what gay or his sexuality might mean to so many of his followers on twitter yet they care just like the predicted above. One fans gave acclaims without doubt posting that the rapper still retains his supper badess irrespective the probing legal charges made on him about being gay.

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