Kevin Gates Gets Investigation For Visiting C-Murder Prison with Excess Cash

C-Murder photos prison
Kevin Gates had his visit to one of his friends C-Murder at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center during the past weekend. His visit is under extensive conduct for violating regulation that abides in that prison. LDC Louisiana Department of Corrections don't welcome excess cash when you are visiting someone in prison hostage though only allow sums of over $300.

Gates and his convict friend was seen around the table, in a capture posted on Instagram, flashing excess money and holding it on surface. Now there's new report stating the cash is much meanwhile is against the standard and investigation is being conduct following unverified estimate amount.

Pastorick confirmed Gates is on the visitation list for Lucas who has been behind bars for over two decades. Prison authorities required Gates to sign documentation acknowledging the prison’s policies so they believe he was aware bringing that much cash into the facility was against the rules.

Inmates who work for the prison magazine often take photos of other inmates with their friends and family and then give the visitors copies of the photos, which is apparently how Gates obtained the pictures. It’s unclear what penalties Gates could face.

Gates previously gave us a double material video and single which you can watch out here.

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