Asap Rocky Gets First Not Guilty to Assault as Stockholm Trial Starts

Asap Rocky Gets First Not Guilty to assault as Stockholm Trial Begins
Aspa Rocky first trail positively acting as the rapper pleaded not guilty on his early trail in Swedish court following his widespread assault charges the past weeks.

Asap Rocky's street altercation that led to brawl is no longer development after the news trended across the boarder. He was subjected to a felon in the wake of his run-in, in capital Stockholm.

Rocky was detained almost going to a month but later got charged that might accompany him to face up to two years in prison. His trial started on Tuesday, been yesterday. meanwhile born Rakim Mayers, 30, latest news was that his first court hearing oversaw the "Praise the Lord," rapper not guilty.

During the late Tuesday trial, prosecutor Daniel Suneson stepped forward in favour of his victimized client and read out the charges against the artist and two other men in his entourage. He labeled that the victim was kicked as well beaten with a whole or part of a glass bottle while he lay on the ground.

The victim who was also present, stretched out emphasizes between his encounter with Rocky and his team. He told the court some series physical assault from ASAP Rocky that resulted him suffering injury. "I felt that they would beat me to death," he said.

Slobodan Jovicic, ASAP Rocky's attorney grip on his saying. His client did not commit any crime. The rapper asserts that he was acting in self-defense when he threw the victim to the ground and stepped on his arm.

"Please bear in mind that A$AP Rocky is an international, very well-known artist," Jovicic said, adding that his client is used to being approached in the street, but that these men were "deeply provoking" and that he acted out of fear.

Well, the whole stories detailed in the court following the street fight is being put under extensive investigation conduct for the fact Rocky and crew maintains they were acting under self-defense just like Jovicic said. CNN told Amahiphop that police did not find any finger prints or DNA on the bottle.

Things are not iced yet since the trial ends on Friday. Meanwhile, prosecution is going through a 522-page preliminary report which contains extensive photographs of the injuries caused to the victim, along with transcripts, text messages and more. They allege that Rocky used a weapon like bottle or a similar blunt object in the attack. Start the discussion from the comment section below.

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