Asap Rocky Attracts Two Weeks Jail In Police Custody

Asap Rocky Attracts Two Weeks Jail In Police Custody
Love it and loath persecutors grips on a surveillance visual surfaced few days back showing ASAP ROCKY and his crew gave a marathon beat to a man who claimed the rapper break off his headphone. TMZ reported yesterday that Asap has been arrested and took to police custody where the rapper is currently detained following his street brawl.

While the incident has took place in Swedish, authorities is inflecting more effect on Rocky and took measures to keep the rapper for longer than normal while looking into what happened. Source told Amahiphop that A$ap Rocky and crew is spending two weeks.

Asap and his crew was accused of breaking headphones that belongs to some local men and then left while they followed him to track him with police. Though he warned them to back off but it flipped when a woman hopped in, accusing the local men of sexually harassing her by slapping her ass and that's when Asap got advantage to unleash his arms and it was ignite as street beatdown.

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