50 Cent Disses Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo & Yes All in G-Unit

G-UNIT Members
50 Cent shot his diss on Young Buck , is that how he's responding to Foofy rapper. Foofy has been doing all lot of drama since this year and majority of his fellow G-Unit members are beefing with him although his feud with Young Buck is a phoenix. Cent took to his official social media chamber to unleash his odds from his chest. Just on Wednesday he hopped-in with a marathon diss to formal group members Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo & Yes.

The rapper sounds extremely corny after we weigh his new post on social media, claiming some of his G-Unit members are not built to make. 50 Cent claims that their habit and instinct are literally behind their odds. “Some people are not built to make it, their habits and instincts will pull them right back to struggle,” he wrote in the caption. “you put them on, they fuck up the package.”

50 Cent believes they should have followed his own method of making money and his advocate on Instagram is directly pointing to fellow members in that gang of course he blames them for not been successful.

  “Do you realize G-unit only did 5 shows together with out me,” he added. “In 16 years, every time you saw them together it was my show. Now that’s a big bag they fucked up.” In another comment, he reiterated they messed up “the whole package.”

50 Cent is now extravagant profile who has amassed so much fortunes since they team during 2000. Cent and his members in G-Unit starting working assiduously over a decade old now and their first album was Beg For Mercy which was debuted on 2013. The project was actually a destiny that accomplished a certified 4x-platinum by RIAA.

He's a high profile rapper with power. Cent previously announced that Lil Nas X and Buck are dropping new song this week. He also engaged on social media brawl with his son.

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  1. The beef 50 got with homies should be squashed and if it wasnt for them he Neva woulda shined so Bright