Trina With Nicki Minaj Drops New “BAPS” Hit Song

Trina BAPS

all the way is coming back with pretty boldness, already tap Young Money
rap for new BAPS songs which is likely to be one of her track in The
One album. The album is debuting this week, tomorrow being 21th June.

Nicki Minaj while on the verge of releasing Megatron has nab a new
collaboration from the Diamond Princess. BAPS a name originated from
1997 Halle Berry-fronted film. It was actually a double bars from
hitmakers. Both parties goes off with respective Lyrics.The track
itself flips a classic Cash Money beat, “Project Chick.”

The One track list was previously shared and about 15 songs was gratefully coupled together. Both Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and Kelly Price
where also enlisted and DJ Khaled came in as the Intro DJ for The One
project.Stream below

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