Soulja Boy Gets Off From Bizarre Kidnapping Case, No Valid Evidence

Soulja Tyga beef

Soulja Boy coming back to show TYGA he’s the biggest comeback of 2019. You remember our last update following Soulj’s probation. Soulja got off from his misdemeanor case which accused him of Kidnapping. From the new development that surfaced online so far, the rapper has successful squeezed some of his plight. TMZ disclosed to us that SB is now free. Justifying the case, Judge has pen in simply by rejecting case which comes some invalid evidence of there’s not much clarification the will prove SB.

The case stem as allegation. Soulja Boy was accused of Kidnapping a women and torturing her while tied her on a chair. Report made us to acknowledged that the women whose name wasn’t revealed to us showed up the S Boy’s resident and was ordered to leave and she hit the curb and Soulja’s manager came outside to see what happened.

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The woman has claimed that Soulja Boy jumped on her after she initially caught into fight with the rapper. Insider told us that soulja was negative alleged by the woman. As you see the woman acting like trap is obviously up to something against the rapper and Soulja and witness also said that was a plan structured from his ex-lover.

Soulja to shot on Tyga before he run into the mess he is now. The self-comeback claimed that he will be the best comeback in this 2019. Tyga was a hit comeback with some song like Floss In The Bank, Drip and more that against SB has also took shot with “Thotiana Freestle” to Tyga.

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