Royce Da 5'9 And Eminem Are Recording "Bad Meets Evil 2"

Eminem Da 5 9 photos album
Ok, with no despair, I hope that we all knew that Slim Shady and Roye Da 5'9 are the two rapper that normally give a very rare collaboration. Both rap power has worked on joint project which got a massive garner yet such might repeat itself again. However, Eminem last year gave is his Kamikaze album after his 2017 Revival now we're perceiving that the Rap God and Da 5'9 dropping new album of course "Bad Meets Evil" and if this should happen then we subject it as version.

Links Strict, peep on a video interview from HipHopdx where Venom rapper says a quick, scant lined about some new songs. This lead people to start the talk about a whole new album aka Bad Meet Evil 2. I wasn't clearly sure but from the scene i obviously wonder if the Bad Meets Evils 2 is striking this year.

Eminem and his long time friend might be rooting for a new project and the fact isn't that clear but a cameo. Em and Meek are sometime this year may be 2020. They have not gotten together in the studio YET for new material, but they can at any minute. At any rate, I am here for it. Can't wait. Now, remember these dudes go way, way back with it. Remember this?

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I can't believe this is over 20 years old! These guys have been rapping for a very long time. Now, I can see why they don't get together so much. Nevertheless, they have kept that bar super high! SALUTE!

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