Rihanna Shares a New Video Titled Where's Is The Album R9

Rihanna new album videos
Rihanna is fully getting all fans frenzy, we are waiting for that album R9 to hit streaming but before that, Rihanna will soon be casting her new videos off from the anticipating project. A new video going viral, making wave for the sake of Rihanna. Is called Where's Is The Album but actually the visual comes in as hype not main video. From her Instagram account, she took scene displaying a viral peak captioning it Where's Is The Album. We don't need to be extremely nervous or are we doing it because of this album ?

However, Rihanna is no longer putting more attention over her Fenty. She reaffirm on her Music career again after he has been riddling with activities. Now she's making a hasty appearance towards her new project debuting sometime this year, probably. Our source backtracked few hours longs since we have gotten clue about Koffe writing for Rihanna now the singer is reported residing in London where she's making a responsive sketch of her music.R9 album, a project incorporating with dancehall traditional artist is on the verge without a juggernaut date.

She once told us that her album is being initiate with professional producers, dancehall writers meaning RiRi picked nods to craft her next level up. No track has been released yet though we keep perceiving more of guest appearance at least she has talked about that of course she screamed out Drake and Chris on R9 album.Another stuff we all need to know about R9 is that the name wasn't actually the real name she wanted to trade on her next studio project.

Yes, she got haunted, imposed with R9 and the Navy woman then implement it as an official album name. New Roller-coaster shelving around her this time as the album keep igniting without any releasing date. We will keep you all posting so stay tuned.

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