Nipsey Hussle's Mother Gave Mourning and Colorful Speech During BET 19 Awards

Nipseu Hussle accept BET Awards
Nipsey Hussle was presence via her mother during the the 2019 BET Awards. Nipsey whose mother is Angelique Smith was available for her son. She delivered a prestigious speech as she stand firm in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday night (June 23).

Just like we said earlier on BET Awards, the rapper was Awarded the posthumous Humanitarian Award due to his absent, his wife Lauren London and his three children, joined Angelique Smith and husband to accept Award.

She step forward with a mourning appearance for his shot son. The audience feels her moment and even drop tears following the missing Nipsey. From her speech which she render, it was a feeling that wake more of Nipsey fans to go more deeper in remembering the rapper. She also emphases on conversation she had with a police officer on the scene and revealed she’d had a spiritual experience before she left for the hospital.

“One of Ermias’s close friends was very traumatized,” she said in part. “I walked over to him and put my hands on his shoulder, and I told him, ‘Evan, look into my eyes, Evan.’ I said, ‘You know that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, right Evan? You understand that, right?’ So even though our bodies die, as they call it on this side of eternity, our spirits lives.

“We lift out of this vessel and we continue on, and then I felt a spirit of retribution and revenge when I had my hands on his shoulder and I had to talk .. I was 100 percent present in the spirit and 100 percent absent in the body until I felt that spirit of retribution and revenge … I could tell I chased those spirits away from him.”

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