New Music: Khao Drops Unified with Nipsey Hussle, The Game, Snoop Dogg, Mozzy, G Perico, Problem, E-40 & Ice-T

Khao songs
Khao crewing rappers with his Unified single which has supervised our popular rappers. The song is a homage to punk rock band Bad Brains. From the hit song, they weigh in with each bars representing their skills. While the Nipsey Hussle was enlisted in the Unified song was that some of  his verse features the single also more verse from Ice T.

Nipsey has done a lot of collaboration before untimely death took the rapper. Khao told us that him and Nipsey are readying the song along with the listed above names. But they would drop the song at the first stage although they got their reason that made the song to be halted yet Nipsey was left out as a matter of his death. Just like i said the homage is for punk rock band Bad Brains and indirectly serving Hussle homage.

“Nipsey Hussle and I shared a mutual passion for uplifting inner-city communities,” Khao said in a press release. “That’s why it’s important that his life and legacy live on. We both wanted something truly epic for the West Coast. Not only were we restoring this magical sound – but creating peace in the West Coast community by bringing the ‘Bloods’ and ‘Crips’ together and unifying people through music.”

The song is tremendous, a consensus collaboration with extensive bars and lyrically penned out for West Coast rap music.Khao album is shelving appearance for it's debut meanwhile he Khao confirms will showcase more than 60 of the top artists in Hip Hop and R&B artists across 13 tracks.

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